As the leading voice for the incentive travel industry, SITE is implementing an advocacy campaign to demonstrate the value of incentive travel as an effective marketing and business tool. By harnessing the experiences of carefully selected incentive travel users, our goal is to share case studies that provide proof that incentive travel means business results, therefore increasing the perceived value and use of incentive travel worldwide.

American Fidelity LogoCompany: American Fidelity Insurance

Type of Business/Industry: International Insurance Company

Audience: Worksite Group Sales Division – Top Sales Producers and their guests and Corporate Management

Business Objectives:

  • To recognize and celebrate top performance
  • To create and maintain a corporate culture that earns the company the distinction of being recognized as one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”
  • To increase colleague retention

Program Objectives:

  • To reward and recognize the top 30% of the sales force, their spouses, significant other or guest for their combined support and contributions to the growth and success of the organization over a two-year (24 month) qualification period
  • This is a four-night program that occurs every two years and takes place at destinations in Western Europe, North and Central America, Southeast Asia, cruises and Hawaii. The wide geographic range illustrates executive level commitment to providing diverse opportunities. Although changed to meet the expectations of the demographics, this particular program has been in existence since 1960.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Sales, customer service and retention are the qualification drivers.
  • To be considered to receive an invitation, sales representatives had to achieve at least a minimum of 100% of quota. To be in the top 30% required at least 109% to 343% of quota.

Business Impact:

  • Program quota increased 33% over the previous period, with an average percentage quota attained of 156%, up 3% on top of the 33% quota increase.
  • Repeated attendees are a good indicator that the program works.
  • Using the same basic program template, additional reward and recognition programs are implemented annually.

Travel Experience:

  • Participants: 516 (including guests/spouses)
  • Destination: Banff Springs, Canada
  • Hotel/Venue: Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Program Management: Corporate Conferences, Meetings & Travel Services Department
  • Destination Management: Cantrav
  • Entertainment: Bill Hopkins Productions
  • Production: Red Button TV
  • The experience included destination, property, activities, food, entertainment, amenities and the opportunity to network with peers and corporate executives.
  • Activities were based on the demographics of the group: horseback riding, ATV, white water rafting, hiking, gondola excursions and gold, to name a few. Several nights included dinners at various venues that were chosen by the attendees.
  • Entertainment consisted of a Western Band and dance at a ski lodge, well-known singers from popular bands and television shows.
  • On-site amenities such as electronics, sunglasses, athletic shoes and clothing were provided to attendees.
  • Communication includes a blend of web-based promotions, emails and print materials targeted to the potential qualifier, spouse or significant other.
  • The invitation was a two-part, customized CD and USB
  • Following the program a highlight recap was produced and distributed via customized USB drives.