Incentive travel helps to create corporate cultures that are fueled by motivation and focused on future success.

The Bangkok Manifesto, created at the SITE Global Conference in Bankok, Thailand in January, comprises 10 statements developed by incentive industry thought leaders on the industry’s true purpose in the business world today.

The Manifesto has been published in hard copy with the addition of written commentary on each of the 10 statements from industry experts in several disciplines–DMC and DMO sectors, hospitality sector, third party planners and corporate end-users. Each week we will take a deep dive into each one, thanks to our industry experts: This week we look at number six on incentive travel creating corporate culture fueled by motivation with commentary from Tina Gaccetta, CITP, Vice President Network Marketing & Incentives, LegalShield Corporation.

Incentive travel experiences have the unique ability to rally an organization against focused goals, over a specific period. I’m proud to have spent most of my professional life witnessing the absolute truth of this statement. When executed well, the incentive contest creates a fun competition while bringing awareness of and engagement with targeted behaviors that both encourage personal development and build business success.

This, in itself, is already motivational – but there’s more! When winners are appreciated and recognized with incentive travel experiences it fosters confidence, trust and full-on, magnetic loyalty! Companies that connect with their performers to craft, deliver and share memorable experiences, strengthen their commitment to the company in ways that otherwise could never happen.

But it needs to be coherent. An incentive travel reward will only be truly successful when it’s an expression of a deeply rooted corporate culture that, ultimately, appreciates and cares about its people. The “authenticity” factor is crucial – companies must be authentic and value-centric in terms of their core ethos otherwise the incentive travel experience becomes an empty corporate bribe, akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

When the workplace culture is right to start with and folks feel appreciated and valued then there’s a kind of chemistry that allows the incentive travel reward to become the golden moment that it can be. Winners their peers and their respective significant others enjoy bucket list, extraordinary travel experiences that, ultimately, are credited back to the company who valued their hard work, the result is a virtuous circle of positivity, commitment and trust.

So great workplaces create wonderful incentive travel programs and great incentive travel programs create wonderful workplaces. It’s a quid pro quo. We believe this to our core at LegalShield, and, ultimately, there’s no success without our associates.

About the Author

Tina Gaccetta, CITP, Vice President Network Marketing & Incentives, LegalShield Corporation is a versatile sales and marketing leader with proven ability to develop highly motivated successful teams. Privileged to have robust experience supporting fortune 500 brands in Automotive, Technology and Direct Sales with strategic incentive programs, event marketing, sales enablement and engagement solutions. At my core I believe in the art and science of listening to inform meaningful marketing solutions and when delivered with authenticity the results will follow.