American Guest USA is a MICE agency, offering Incentives, Meetings, Conferences and Events across the USA, Canada, Mexico and beyond.

Since the pandemic, American Guest USA has branched into areas of technological prowess with The Knowledge Exchange and the webcast Mission: Critical. With companies such as Microsoft using their technological format, it is no wonder they are proud of their achievements. Working with a tech partner for execution, American Guest USA oversees all content and design on this platform.

Today we talk with Kelly Colemenares, Program Manager of American Guest USA, to find out more about this platform and their experiences over the past 8 months.

Mission Critical - American Guest USA

Kelly, what would you say have been your company’s top 3 challenges since this pandemic began?

The three biggest challenges have been maintaining an industry presence; staying in contact with clients and partners and hoping they survive; and of course, developing new ways to create revenue unlike ever before.

Many companies have had to rapidly convert live events into the virtual sphere. Is this been something American Guest USA have also had to do? Had you experience with the virtual world beforehand?

While the MICE industry as we know it is at a standstill, we still need to generate business and revenue. Prior to March 2020 we were in the development phase for virtual but this pandemic, as seen in our Microsoft Segment, brought about 2 years of change in 3 weeks!

I know you have taken a different approach to virtual, steering away from the standard zoom and webinar productions, opting instead for a ‘telecast’ style interaction. Can you tell us more about this? Why did you opt for this particular style? What are the main benefits?

We opted for this based on feedback from all industries, not just hospitality.  There was a consensus that everyone was “zoomed” out and tired of the monologues and fire side chats.  Also, quite often the popular mediums of zoom didn’t allow for any customisation.  We had to think differently and about how to make a live in-person event a live/virtual production.  The benefits are greater audience retention, quick segments to peak their interests, and riveting content. 

Did you develop this in-house, or did you partner with an outside tech company?

We developed the entire idea, content and the like in-house.  We have a production partner for the broadcast capabilities. 

How has this broadcast type been received by your clients? Can you give us an example of a client you have used it with, and how?

On Episode 2 of Mission Critical we had a 92% retention of the audience from beginning to end.  We have produced events for clients in their industry utilising the same format, but geared toward their target audience. 

Do you think American Guest USA will continue to use this technology going into the future?

Yes, 100%. It will be a hybrid world from here on. 

Is this tele-cast style one you would recommend to other MICE agencies? Does it work for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events, or is there one particular to which it is most suited?

Yes, it’s suitable for the MICE industry.  Much like a MICE agency it is flexible in order to meet the clients’ deliverable needs. 

Is this technology exclusive to American Guest USA or can it be adopted by other MICE Agencies?

The format can be adopted by others.  To learn more you can reach out to Mission Critical to request an RFP for whatever your needs are.

Anything extra you would like to add?

We’re having fun pivoting in this difficult period.  It is great to embrace new tools, to meet the clients needs. 

For more information you can contact Kelly Colemenares – Program Manager – Incentives on