I can hardly believe that I am writing a September article for Motivate. This has not been an ordinary year by any stretch. If there is one thing I have learned, it is to remain grateful. Finding the good in each day may have been challenging sometimes, but it is always possible. I have enjoyed being more connected to nature – the smell of flowers in full bloom, the heritage trees which give us shade, and the magnificent Mediterranean Sea which provides play and refreshment.

Another silver-lining has been that in the first 8 months of the year I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend more time with family; to think, reset, nourish my interests and have time for continuous learning.

With this in mind, it gives me great pride to share that last week I became a Climate Reality Leader. Trained by former United States Vice President, Al Gore, this was the first-ever virtual Climate Reality Leadership Corps Global Training.

Leadership for Climate Reality
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Trying to support a more circular, sustainable, restorative and regenerative economy, as well as conscious consumption and reducing my ecological footprint, are personally very close to my heart. As I became a mother, I asked myself “In what kind of world will my children grow up?” I believe I have a moral obligation to give my children (and all other children) a less polluted world… one which guarantees long-term health and wellbeing for both them and the planet. As such, this Climate Reality Leadership training has really given me an emboldened sense of purpose.

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global network of activists committed to spreading awareness of the climate crisis and working for solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.The program provides training in climate science, communications, and community. It organizes us to better tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to act.

There has been a ripple effect since my Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training. It permeates my thoughts and has staked a claim in my consciousness. I have been changed by it. I am observing things differently and am more sensitive to the issue of Climate Change and the environment.

For this reason, I wanted to share a little more about the programme with you.

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Overview of Climate Reality Leadership

It was a fantastic on-line training including live, pre-scheduled, and on-demand sessions, allowing attendees from around the world to take part. Tablework sessions were relevant and informative, conducted by mentors (previously trained Climate Reality Leaders). We learned practical skills to effectively drive climate action and contribute to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive movement for SOLUTIONS – even during this time of social distancing. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. I know so much more about the science, technology, policy and market data behind climate change.
  2. I have a deeper understanding of the impacts of climate change. For example – the rise in temperature and sea levels, storms, fires, floods, drought, health & diseases, food & conflict.
  3. I’ve know that while we cannot undo what we have already done, we have the solutions to curb this massive problem. What is needed is the political will to make these changes a matter of public policy.
    • Technologically speaking, the answer lies in tapping into renewable energy sources. Namely, wind and solar, which can more than supply our collective energy needs. 
    • Economically speaking, grid parity has practically arrived. This means that the cost of clean sources of energy is equal to, or even less than, the cost of the power created by traditional “dirty” sources. And costs continue to come down as technologies are improved upon.
  4. I found it very valuable to network with multiple cross-cultural stakeholders in different age groups. Together we can build a community and plan other initiatives to drive awareness on climate action.
  5. I learned that climate justice is so much more than global warming. It tends to have the biggest impact on the most vulnerable; including marginalised communities suffering in the form of pollution, economic dependency and a lack of respect for culture and human rights.

How do we respond to Climate Change?

We have seen average global temperatures rise steadily since 1901 – and 2020 is said to be the hottest year ever. Science is showing us that the climate crisis is already threatening our families’ health and our economy. Mega-fires, rain-bombs, rising sea levels, the disappearance of icecaps and snow in the alps, the polar vortex… to name but a few.

I am very fortunate to live in a country that has sustainability within its core values. Since the beginning of his reign, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has rolled out a pro-active sustainable development policy on both a national and international scale. He has engaged in making a shift to a clean energy economy and has placed consideration for our oceans at the heart of climate change discussions.

What about the MICE Industry?

The question is, “How do we respond?” Are we ready as individuals but also as an industry to do everything in our power to prevent a global catastrophe?

As SITE members, our communities are not immune to this Climate Change.

Man learning about Climate Reality
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Take Action & Learn More

I encourage you and your business to play your part by speaking up and recommending changes to make sustainability part of “business as usual”.

I challenge all of our SITE members to learn more on Climate Change. This Autumn, I hope to develop a special presentation called “Truth in 10” and invite all SITE members to join me. Or perhaps you would like to sign up to the next Climate Reality Leadership Corps training, to engage in the climate space, and try to make a difference.

Let your community know that we must, we can, and we will solve this crisis – a sustainable future is in our hands.

One person can make the difference, but together we can change the world!

Image of Miek Egberts, who attended Climate Reality Leadership training

Written by Miek Egberts – Founder of InspireME Monte Carlo

  • Climate Reality Leader
  • SEPC – Sustainable Event Professional Certificate
  • GSTC – Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  • Member Monaco Green Team
  • Member SITE Sustainability Committee
  • Proud SITE International Board of Directors 2020 – 2023

For more information, you can contact Miek on