Winner Details:

Award: Excellence in Incentive Travel: Africa/Middle East

Winner: Eshet Incentives and Conferences

Program Name: World System Builder (WSB) Incentive Trip to Israel

Destination: Israel

Client: World System Builder (WSB)

About the World System Builder (WSB) Incentive Trip to Israel:

World System Builder hosted its largest ever incentive trip to Israel in September 2019. The numbers speak for themselves – 4,904 participants, 142 different flights, 3 waves over 15 days, 19 hotels, 85 coaches, 24/7 concierge, 43,000sqft platform erected and 85,000 bottles of water… all cumulating in one unforgettable incentive trip and a 19% increase in revenue post-incentive.

WSB is a financial services direct sales organisation mainly based in the US. Each team member is an independent contractor and business owner. Its success can be attributed to a culture of team building and focus on family. Incentive trips, called Super Trips, are an integral part of that.

Programme Successes:

Eshet worked tirelessly for two years on the build-up to this incentive. They collaborated closely with governmental and tourism authorities, local suppliers and contractors, ensuring that all parties understood the scope and scale of such an incentive and the economic benefits it can bring to a country. This all cumulated in a true ‘Team Israel’ approach and led to a significant financial contribution from the Jerusalem Development Company as well as free-branding in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and complimentary use of the Hinnom Valley Park for the Gala Dinner.

Imagination and resourcefulness ruled in the organizing of the largest gala event ever to take place in Israel. Creativity was required to design and build an original setting large enough to accommodate, for three separate evenings, 1,650 persons. The very exceptional, unique nature of Hinnom Valley meant there were infrastructural and logistical challenges of an extraordinary scope to overcome. The valley topography necessitated the construction of scaffolding strong enough to support seven floors plus a show platform, which covered 43,000 sq. ft. on a slope of 26 ft. Every single stage in the country was rented and adapted. As the client said, it was ‘a feat of near impossible odds.’

On this Israel Super Trip, the aims of WSB were achieved. Families and different companies were brought together, building uplifting relationships, facilitating networking, and increasing revenues. It was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience, which strengthened WSB’s vision, whilst also promoting its business model and the happiness of WSB Family.


“It was a feat of near impossible odds.”

Xuan Nguyen, Chairman of WSB

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About the SITE Crystal Awards Recognition Program:

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