Embracing Change

Change is inevitable!  Over the past year, we have all learned that with each passing day, things we thought we knew have been challenged. How we work, shop, communicate, play, and entertain is ever evolving! How we protect our health and that of our family and friends changes daily.

As we all continue to navigate life and our “new normal”, we must learn to embrace change. Remember that as things change so should our thought patterns.

  • Replace bad thoughts with happy memories.
  • Think positive and know that this too shall pass.
  • Make new memories amid challenging situations.
  • Gain strength and confidence in achieving goals.
  • Remind yourself that the good times are plentiful if you look for the best in every situation.
  • Ask yourself, what can I do to make a difference? How can my efforts enhance someone’s life?
Embracing Change - quote from Maya Angelou

Change in the Industry

The hospitality and travel industries are not only changing – but also making a difference, solving problems, and evolving with each change. With every challenge we find new, creative ways to continue to serve our customers – both internal and external. We have learned to embrace change and take care of each other especially in uncertain and unprecedented times.

I am continually inspired by companies throughout the globe that have embraced change and found ways to prosper even in adversity.  

Conscious Capitalism

Recently I have been introduced to the term Conscious Capitalism and it was an immediate “aha” moment for me.

Conscious Capitalism describes organizations that not only focus on the bottom line to define their prosperity, but also embrace the idea that every business has a higher purpose.

“Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world.”


Some examples of what is important to conscious capitalists:

  • Showing responsibility in their community, engaging in its people and needs
  • Buying locally
  • Providing a safe work environment that promotes equality
  • Promoting partnerships to achieve goals

By focusing on the higher purpose, companies inspire, engage, and energize their stakeholders. Knowing that industry and consumer lives are interdependently connected leads to a healthy, sustainable, win/win proposition for everyone. Customers, investors, partners, supply chain, employees, vendors, and communities’ benefit from everyone working together and providing solutions and sustainability for the future.

SITE Sustainability

As a member of SITE, I am excited to be a part of a team that is planting the seeds that will inspire young leaders to embrace conscious capitalism and sustainability. The message is clear. Companies that focus on a higher purpose to enrich the life of everyone they touch is empowering. Companies that endeavour to veer away from traditional profit driven models will emerge as the new norm in global business.

Written by Lynn Beierschmitt, SITE Southeast Chapter

Lynn Beierschmitt, CMP, CIS – Liaisons Corp

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