Creative Travel Pvt. Ltd., Delhi NCR, India and Amway Europe


2With over 3 million independent Amway Business Owners active globally, Amway embraces incentive travel as a cornerstone means for motivation & engagement. In its 58 years, Amway has consistently invested in incentive travel expressing its strong belief in the effectiveness of the tool.


For Amway Europe & South Africa Diamond Conference the Maldives served as a stunning backdrop for the 200-guest, 5-night incentive program. While the Maldives are consistently rated as a top vacation spot, it does not easily accommodate groups of this size. Creative Travel confidently took on the challenge knowing that the location itself would be the incentive that wowed Amway’s top achievers. 


3Creative Travel embraced the island theme with extravagant seafood barbeque dinners on the beach and traditional music and performances. But for the grand finale they brought Indian culture to the island. Guests were provided with traditional clothing, produced and flown in from India and experienced a non-stop, high-energy dancing and music extravaganza that transported them from the beach resort to the heart of Bollywood.


Combining the best elements of the region with expert production and design experience, the event achieved all of Amway’s six core objectives: enhance the business owner’s affinity to the brand, recognize top achievers, create a sense of aspiration, strengthen relationships with senior regional leadership, present a company report and latest products, and provide an extraordinary rewarding experience.


4The direct selling industry requires its independent sales network to be deeply associated to the brand. Amway has stated that this goal was very well achieved in the delivery and execution of this program by the Creative Travel.