The Party-& Eventarchitect, Zutphen, Netherlands



Every five years the client, a leading company in the metal market, hosts all employees and their partners for an anniversary trip with the goal of increasing loyalty. However, in working with The Party- & Eventarchitect it became apparent that more ambitious objectives with greater business results could be achieved.


The program was designed to build excitement over the four days leading up to the grand event. Guests began their visit to Athens with beach and city excursions. The highlight of the trip was a festival that was designed especially for the group in an old olive oil factory complete with food trucks and entertainment designed in a way so guests of all ages could enjoy. The guests participated in diverse activities including cocktail shaking, virtual reality experiences, fireshows, mime and living statue performances, authentic Greek music and performances from over 70 local artists.


The Party- & Eventarchitech succeeded in surpassing the expectations of their client and raising the expectations of the results of their incentive program.


Employee turnover in the client’s demanding industry is around 10%. Since the introduction of incentives, the client has seen turnover decrease to 2.6%. With the total cost of replacing an employee estimated at €10,000 and 655 employees in the company it is estimated that the results of program saved the company €2,300,000 in five years, amounting to much more than the cost of the RobAthens program.