This week we chat to one of SITE’s newest members, Eduardo Alt, Marketing & Sales Director at NEXOS Turismo / Inbound Perú by Nexos.

Eduardo, welcome to SITE! As one of our newest members, what inspired you to join at this time?

I believe it is better to ‘be as one’ when swimming against the current, so joining SITE seemed like a bright idea!

You are the Director of Sales and Marketing at Inbound Peru. What would you say are the top 3 challenges you’ve faced during the past 6 months?

  1. Trying to move forwards without any income.
  2. Redesigning the experiences we offer, given the different context we find ourselves in, and the different needs which need to be filled.
  3. Trying to consolidate our image despite the adversity.

Inbound Peru has experience in the Leisure and MICE space. Do you think MICE will be slower/quicker to bounce back than Leisure? – how do you think Incentive Travel should be promoted at this time?

I think that MICE may be slower than leisure to bounce back, unfortunately. I believe that ensuring biosecurity confidence for groups, and focusing on experiences tailored for small groups (no bigger than 8 – 10 people each) who travel in “social bubbles” may be a good alternative, at least to try…

Have you had time to re-skill/up-skill on anything in particular over this time? Work related or otherwise!

Yes, redesigning experiences and trying to build new strategic alliances is a real challenge.

This pandemic has been a steep learning curve. What are the main lessons you have learnt from all of this? – personally and/or professionally.

The first lesson I learnt is that there were lots of unknown problems (or problems no one was aware of), that are now in plain sight due to the pandemic. There are still a lot of things that need to change if we really want to get ahead as a human race.

Also, nothing is forever! We must be able to get out of the box at any moment should the context demand an alternative. Chaos is an opportunity to be used in the best possible way to move forward.

Image from Lake Titicaca
Photo by Jeison Higuita on Unsplash

I know Machu Picchu in particular has struggled with over-tourism through the years. Do you think this pandemic will create new policies or norms around this?

So far, the protocols to enter Machu Picchu have changed a lot. Only 675 people are allowed to visit per day and in groups no larger than 10 people each. Also, the visit to must be no longer than 2 hours per group.

What are your favourite things to show/do with visitors in Peru? – either for leisure guests or incentive groups.

There are so many different experiences that it’s difficult to pinpoint only a few. Gastronomic experiences in Peru are something out of this world. The jungle and the dessert are also places to have in mind, as well as getting to know Lake Titicaca… while some of the world’s most exclusive train trips are in Peru as well! There really is something for everyone, with so much variety.

We love to be inspired! Can you leave us with something to mull over?

The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.

Edward Gibbon

Anything extra you would like to add?

I hope we all get inspired to take care of our planet… is the only home we have 🙂

Interview with Eduardo Alt, Inbound Peru

Eduardo Alt - Marketing & Sales Director - NEXOS / INBOUND PERU by Nexos