We’ve talked for long enough, now it’s time for trust, and action. Live events can happen safely under the right guidance and expertise. Let’s learn from those MICE experts who lead the way...

A Desperate Search

Dozens of industry newsletters flood into my inbox daily and I trawl through them looking for the interesting, the inspiring, the mad or the curious. I’ve become ever more selective and I’ll admit, jump over a lot of the samey-samey doom and gloom. I know it’s important, but I’m weary from it, I think we all are. What have begun to emerge, however, are the buds of a new dawn, the glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve talked the theory and the hypothetical to death, but now, there are those that dare to do. Leaders, Pioneers… those who step out of their comfort zone and have actually done it – held an event. A real live event, with people, in a safe and managed environment.

MICE Events – a different animal

MICE Events are not your everyday “mass gatherings”. What’s more, if planners in this industry are anything, they are meticulous, detail-orientated… and, dare I say it, even sometimes on the ‘control-freak’ side of the spectrum. Antiquated negative connotations of the expression aside, who better than an exacting and punctilious MICE cohort to oversee and guarantee your personal safety and enjoyment? Client trust is fundamental to recovery, so this inherent meticulousness, coupled with excellent communication skills are more critical than ever. Of course, we also need to be incredibly adaptable (given the constantly changing rules and regulations), creative, well-connected, and excel at thinking on our feet under pressure. Thankfully, I believe this industry has all these skills in abundance. We just need to shout about it, make a song and dance about it, and show people how it’s done.

Today I would like to introduce you to two companies who have done just that.

Turkey – We Are Ready

In Turkey, the first #weareready live event was recently held at the Hilton Bomonti in Istanbul, organized under the umbrella of TURSAB, with support from SITE Turkey, MPI Turkey, I-MICE and PCO platform. Welcoming 350 Industry Professionals, the event is a testament to how new safety protocols can be seamlessly implemented. Masks, online and contactless registration systems, moderated F&B stations, hygienic kits, thermal cameras, and socially distanced set ups were all incorporated, demonstrating to the world that physical meetings and events can be organized with all the necessary coronavirus precautions.

You can see a 3 minute video showcasing the event here.

USA – Incentive Travel Success

In the USA, Lisa Grimaldi talks us through the successful 400+ Incentive that was run in Wisconsin by ITA Group. Taking place in Abbey Resort Geneva, this 4-day family friendly incentive is a shining example of what can be achieved by this industry. How a combination of communication, collaboration and flexibility can bring back successful, safe, and rewarding Incentive Travel experiences.

You can read the full article here.

This pandemic may have taken us by surprise, but the MICE Industry are ready. Live Events and Incentive Travel should and can happen safely. It’s time to trust the MICE experts and embrace our new reality.

Written by Sara Hosford, SoolNua

Sara Hosford, writing about Live Events can happen