Where we are now and how that shapes the future

The Covid-19 Pandemic has rapidly changed the face of our society in terms of the world of work, our attitude to risk and how we view others. There will be a return to travel. The immediate questions are the how, where and when.

The how aspect is going to be important to corporate buyers, they will want to know that their people will be safe, that any risk of future disruption can be actively managed and that their investment will be protected.

Covid has been a massive disruptor acting as a catalyst to accelerate changes that were already occurring in both our work and home lives. Attitudes have evolved, we have different expectations from the world of work, we have a different sense of worth, how and what we value as being important has changed.

We need to add ‘what’ to the list of questions that require answering. What are our expectations for any Group Incentive Trip in terms of:

  • Safety and security of our people and our investment
  • The impact on our world
  • How it meets the changed aspirations of attendees

Planning a trip in the future will require planners to consider and address these key points

What is the expectation? How does that shape our thinking?

Putting people first

Any solution has to be demonstrably safe. Not just when the trip takes place but also when an incentive is launched to be motivational

We need to demonstrate understanding of the bigger picture

Our solutions need to be fit for purpose across a range of reasonably expectable scenarios

We need to show changed thinking in execution

Solutions need to reflect a new reality, greater focus on the individual needs and wants. Programmes need to feel different. We need to be more aware of the impact of what we do on our world. We need to take into account different attitudes (if not approaches) to risk and personal aspirations

Delivery has to be pinpoint accurate

Participants are accurately aware of organisational missteps in their daily lives and are super sensitive to their surroundings

Group Travel in a Changed World

Changes in group incentive travel are being accelerated by the impact of the pandemic, our landscape has changed, here are some ways in which we can see

  • Programme spend will polarise – set piece whole group activity will become grander ‘money can’t buy’ experiences. Other elements will become more simpler (and cheaper)
  • Typical programmes will maximise ‘free time’ with options to participate punctuated with a limited number of anchor occasions
  • Destination/hotel selection will focus on maximising individual choice, personal space, the opportunity to explore in self-selecting groups
  • Personal space will be respected more
  • Key decisions will be later, greater focus on understanding contractual obligations
  • Greater emphasis on risk management and planning, more assertive event planning and management
  • Greater emphasis on understanding the impact of what we do on our world

About the author

Peter is a thirty-year veteran of the events industry including founding two UK MICE agencies red e2 (www.rede2.com) in 1999 and destin-8 (www.destin-8.com) in 2002 which now sit under the umbrella of Red Blaze Limited. You can find Peter at linkedin.com/in/rede2peterjackson