A year with the most impactful pandemic in a hundred years has passed. The ways we live, work, meet, travel, celebrate, bond with each other, and many other things have been disrupted, pretty much for good. Feel it or not, the way we value our lives has been changed too. When life-threatening factors loom close to you every day for over a year, staying healthy, physically and mentally, rises up to the top of the list.

We have been talking a lot about why health and wellness will become prominent in our industry post-COVID. Incentive travel industry’s foundation is the people. We create motivating and memorable experiences for people to thrive and to bring the best version of themselves to the world, both professional and personal. The question is — since the people’s perspective of life has been reshaped by an ongoing series of stress, setbacks, and hardships, how can we be sure the definition of success and motivation we are working towards remains accurate and true. Maybe it’s time to recalibrate our focus as well.

Start with yourself

Not the clients, you. You have proven yourselves resilient. Surviving 2020 should be a reason good enough to celebrate (with masks on and social distancing, of course.) Now is a good time to groom and pamper your personal well-being. Just the same way that your body needs good food, rest, and exercise, your mind also calls for uplifting input, quality off-time, and something to broaden your vision. COVID makes this relationship between our anatomy and spirit utterly comprehensible. And there is no excuse to start practicing the wisdom of health and well-being and building your strength inside-out. Everyone needs a healthy mind and body to get through this distress together. That’s true for me, and you — I believe, and the clients, for sure.

Rediscover the meaning of well-being

Small, simple acts of kindness can accumulatively revitalize your sense of belonging, to the group, to the community, to the planet. After months of please-stay-away-from-each-other, that’s what we long for the most. Our personal well-being is worth nothing if we cannot share the positiveness to those around us. It may start with being the listening ears to those who need someone to talk to or helping a local community secure a sustainable future. A little dose of altruism always boosts up your soul. You get a little stronger inside every time you realize you had made someone’s life better. The day’s experience will become more meaningful to you when it is filled with stories you are proud to tell.

Travel afar to reconnect within

Traveling transforms the way we think and act. Being in a foreign land brings you awareness of yourself and the surroundings. Many agree that a great journey grants a sense of purpose and self-actualization. That’s why when the world is ready to travel, we will get in the air in a heartbeat. Nothing motivates people better than the whole new perspective we come across when we see the different parts of the planet. What the business world should be posted now is the idea of journeys that can trigger and enhance the power within people. And that’s precisely the meaning of the existence of our industry.

People-focused strategy

COVID-19 has proven that being people-focused pays dividends. When we combine the inner-self well-being with the shared sense of belonging and put them into a well-crafted and tailor-made travel experience, the results are meaningful people-centric products which can fulfill both mind and body.

Thailand has been blessed by the love of the people of the incentive travel industry for years. As a nation with substantial revenue from the tourism industry, we know the world will be looking for something different after the pandemic is reduced. Our hospitality by nature will continuously evolve. With our ancient roots intertwined with the philosophy of self-awareness and spiritual well-being,  the people-focused spirit will pave the way to the future.

Written by Nichapa Yoswee, Senior Vice President — Business, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

This post was sponsored by the Thailand Convention Exhibition Bureau.