All industries are coping in their own specific way at this time. As mentioned in a previous post, faced with as the option of doing nothing, or doing something, something is always preferable! This week it was brought to our attention that such initiative has been shown by The Europe Hotel, a 5-Star hotel nestled by the lakeside in the beautiful Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

David Cronin, Group Sales and Marketing Manager for Killarney Hotels Ltd said:

As Events & Hospitality Professionals, planning is in our DNA, it is a way of life. However, what happens when we can’t plan? Well, we remain true to ourselves and forever optimistic – we plan for when we can plan again!

It was with such an attitude that they launched the ‘Back to the Future of Travel’ survey. This survey was sent to a wide demographic of clients and friends in the industry with the hope of achieving a picture of what the future may look like, and a view to when we can all meet again. Answers from the over 100 participants have been compiled into a group consensus and David has kindly shared these insights with us.

Sharing is caring and collaboration is key - Back to the Future of Travel Survey Results.

Survey Summary:

  • Almost 80% believe the next in person trade show they will attend will be in 2021.
  • Almost 50% say they would attend Face to Face meetings in 2021, with the highest proportion saying as part of a smaller Trade Show, though almost 40% are also open to large International Trade Shows.
  • Fewer than 1% think Virtual Events will replace in person long term, though 38% do believe that Hybrid are the future.
  • Over 80% are not yet welcoming supplier visits to their offices, but when they do resume, traditional meeting places of either at the office, or for a lunch or coffee will still be popular.
  • Over 40% of respondents said they are still working from home/remotely.

Survey Questions:

1. When is the soonest you or your company will attend ‘in person’ events such as Trade Shows?

2. Do you think you will attend an ‘in person’ tradeshow or similar event in 2021?

3. Do you think that Virtual Events will replace traditional Trade Shows and events?

4. Is your company welcoming supplier office visits currently?

5. When supplier visits resume, where will you be most likely to meet?

6. If your company’s team was primarily office based,
has this changed, and is this change permanent?

Collaboration has become more important than ever during this crisis. An initiative like this survey, and the open sharing of its results, is a small but meaningful gesture that shows how we are all in this together. Industry friendships and partnerships will be fundamental in seeing us all through.

For the full survey results, please click below.

If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere

Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize Winning Irish Poet