BCD Meetings and Events, with Partner Program Winner, Amstar, Win with Goodyear

In what ways did you or your team need to use creativity in planning and executing this event?

We used our creativity from the start with this project in a number of ways. As the entire initiative was fully customized for Goodyear in order to meet their goals, finding a way to incorporate the client’s product (tires) into a CSR was our firstCrystal Award step. Once the concept of creating a playground for a school in need was born – finding a school and organizing the event itself posed new challenges which we had to creatively tackle. We navigated the language barrier with our partner DMC, and had to work with the school board’s session schedule to make sure we checked-off all the boxes in a timely manner.

In what ways did you get creative to meet the budget goals?

The return on investment for Goodyear was substantial when considering customer satisfaction and that the overall approval rating from participants was 99%.  The cost was less than the typical costs of a group event and meal – but the value was extraordinary and far exceeded the investment.

What ideas or tactics did you execute to expand the “return on experience” for attendees? How did you envision that impacting the client’s return on investment?

We knew that the incentive trip was to reward customers and Goodyear hosts for a successful year but the challenge was how to create a CSR component that would make a lasting impact on not only the attendees but also on the local community. We are experts in creating memorable experiences and we also hold ourselves accountable in doing good to support local communities. Creating solutions is at the heart of what we do, and we know that in order to create a high return on experience for attendees, they must feel invested and see results. Both of those were present in the CSR initiative and exceeded Goodyear’s expectations for their investment. We’re very proud of that.

Could you give us an update on the client’s return on investment since you applied for your SITE Crystal Award? Any other indicators of success that you can share?

Part of the goal for this event was to unify the Goodyear Americas region and dealers and help foster collaboration between attendees. Working side by side building the playground and creating a fun day for the children, parents and community members brought the team together with a shared purpose. Goodyear continues to see the impact from this event as the Americas region moves forward post-event with a better understanding of each other and their shared goals.




“Goodyear Champion 2016” Program Overview

Goodyear’s annual incentive trip for U.S., Canada and Mexico dealers along with associates from the field and global headquarters took place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For the first time ever, a CSR component was integrated into the program to bring the team together and  positively impact the lives of local community members with a lasting contribution – a new playground for a local school in need.

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The SITE Crystal Awards have a long history of awarding recognition to creative, practical and truly memorable incentive travel programs. To keep celebrating this prestigious award and share an update on the lasting impression of the winners on their clients, SITE has followed up with the SITE Crystal Award 2016 winners for a SITE Crystal Awards Blog Series. The BCD Meetings and Events, with Program Partner Winner Amstar, from Chicago, Illinois won this year’s SITE Crystal Award: Most Impactful Effort Toward Corporate Responsibility as Part of an Incentive Program. We’ve caught up with BCD Meetings and Events to discuss how their client’s return on investment since applying for the SITE Crystal Award and how their team used creativity to execute their winning event, “Goodyear Champion 2016.”