Some of the most talked about topics at the SITE Global Conference 2020 in Vancouver Had to do with Self Care and Wellness. Here are some tips to keep yourself—and your charges–healthy on the road.

  1. Celebrate that you are somewhere different! We are in an industry that allows us to travel! Embrace being in another state, country or continent. Take advantage of being somewhere you’ve never been before and see the sights, if possible.
  2. Wake up with wellness. You may not be able to follow your normal morning routine; wake up in a new environment and enjoy yoga, meditation, or an organized walk. (Traveling and being away lights many people up!)  
  3. All things in moderation: Social drinking and eating.   Don’t overeat!  Most likely you will be tempted. The key is to enjoy, don’t indulge. Be responsible with the alcohol consumption, especially around co-workers or higher-ups.
  4. Recharge. You can choose a self-care night that’s relaxing and stress-free rather than a night of indulgence.  Enjoy the amenities of the hotel, room service, hot tub or a nature trail if available.    
  5. Have a walking meeting. You’ll get more accomplished and feel better.  Connect with your co-worker on the stairs, or out in the great outdoors–not escalator or elevator.  If you’re a little bit flushed, it’ll look great on you!
  6. Gratitude moments. Quick, count three things you are grateful for in this moment. Might be the luxury hotel pool, connecting with colleagues in a new way or even the gourmet lunch!
  7. Check-in back home. Stay connected to loved ones. Take advantage of your downtime to share with the folks back home. Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime are even more fun.
  8. Not Checking email.  Avoid checking constantly (put that Apple Watch on no vibration!). Set a time of day to check in. Depending on what is on your plate, possibly once in the morning, afternoon, and evening should be a good balance.  
  9. Plan on a long day. Up your rest and hydration a week before you leave for a conference, trade show or other event. Get into the mindset that you will work outside your regular hours. Knowing that it’s coming will make it a little less painful.
  10. Be prepared for setbacks. Things can happen such as a technical difficulty or miscommunication. Life always manages to throw interesting moments our way. Don’t let them get you down. Work through them, use them as jumping points for your creativity, turn them into better opportunities. Learn to let your “setbacks” work to your advantage.  


Wash your hands. Obsessively. Just do it.  

Bio: With a background in corporate training and a passion to travel, Kristine Iverson spent several years sailing the high seas on cruise ships.  Once her feet were on solid ground, she obtained balance thru yoga certifications. Kristine founded Crow Practice LLC, which offers over 20 different wellness services throughout the state of Florida and in Chicago. CROW services both the meetings and events industry as well as corporate clients on a weekly and monthly basis.