“Relationships and teamwork build business results, not isolated individual effort. And nothing creates and strengthens relationships more effectively than shared incentive travel experiences”

The Bangkok Manifesto, created at the SITE Global Conference in Bankok, Thailand in January, comprises 10 statements developed by incentive industry thought leaders on the industry’s true purpose in the business world today.

The Manifesto has been published in hard copy with the addition of written commentary on each of the 10 statements from industry experts in several disciplines–DMC and DMO sectors, hospitality sector, third party planners and corporate end-users. We will take a deep dive into each one, thanks to our industry experts: This week we look at #2: Relationships and teamwork build business results, not isolated individual effort. And nothing creates and strengthens relationships more effectively than shared incentive travel experiences, with commentary by Scott Graf, Global President, BCD Meetings & Events:

Incentive travel experiences drive revenue and profitability but also deliver another important dividend for the companies that use them: they create and strengthen relationships within the corporation and contribute significantly to the building of a positive company culture. They have the power to inspire and change behavior by creating emotional connections that foster loyalty, engagement, lasting connections.

But relationships and teamwork are also at the heart of the incentive travel industry and play a defining role in ensuring the winners and qualifiers for the trip benefit from an extraordinary travel experience.

Working together, across the entire delivery spectrum, we strive to create the right environment to foster relationships that influence, motivate, educate, etc.—all in the effort to drive business results.

Events are structured for success from the very inception of the program. By intentionally aligning every phase of an event – procurement, planning and engagement processes – with business objectives, the program becomes audience-centric. And just as no two events are the same, every corporate audience is unique. What will encourage them? What will inspire the behavior needed to drive performance? Developing unforgettable experiences begins with asking the right questions to ensure that we understand the goals of the incentive and needs of the audience.

This is event architecture at its best—DMCs, hotels, CBVs, third-party providers working together to design incentives that are incredibly purposeful and highly customized to key personas while weaving in experiences collectively shared by all attendees. Thus, creating stories that resonate and are mutually transformational.

To capture mindshare and strengthen attendee relationships during an incentive or event, a thoughtfully-executed approach is more important than ever. Cookie cutter and predictable are out. Creative experiences that motivate, excite and innovate are in. Likewise, time is a precious commodity. Purpose, utility and versatility should be considered with every aspect of events.

We must design unique experiences one element at a time. By taking the time to consider which elements will make the biggest impact on attendees, we gain knowledge that guides our event creation and allows us to harness the power of incentives and travel. In delivering a program that speaks to and motivates attendees, location, catering, format, content, entertainment, technology, communications, gifting and décor all come into play. Every aspect of the event lifecycle interacts and builds lasting relationships that shape the future of business.