Incentive travel drives human capital excellence and innovation within destinations, with profound benefits for other targeted business segments

The Bangkok Manifesto, created at the SITE Global Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in January, comprises 10 statements developed by incentive industry thought leaders on the industry’s true purpose in the business world today.

The Manifesto has been published in hard copy with the addition of written commentary on each of the 10 statements from industry experts in several disciplines–DMC and DMO sectors, hospitality sector, third party planners and corporate end-users. Each week we will take a deep dive into each one, thanks to our industry experts: This week we look at number nine on incentive travel driving human capital excellence and innovation with commentary from Nichapa Yoswee, CEM, SVP of Strategic Marketing and Business Development, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau.

The Asian culture and fine art of hospitality are innate gifts of many home-grown talent. Our deep roots for filial piety and respect for others underpin how we anticipate needs in service as well as our sense of otherness.

For centuries, we are fortunate that our region appreciates the benefits of being inclusive and it is through all these factors that make our human capital excellent. People grow from interaction and development especially when we are opened to learn from one another.  When we learn from one another, it results in growth in the service sector.

The business of incentive travel helps organisations drive success in talent motivation and retention. The “I” in MICE is so important in a culturally diverse country like Thailand. Incentive travel fuels economic development in regional towns and cities.  The incentive travel vertical is all about creating memorable experiences because of our will to explore new frontiers.

Incentive travel requirements set high benchmarks which motivate us to strive for the best especially when it comes to being innovative in our approach to creating solutions. Through development comes real social impact because of our willingness to explore true local experiences. It also creates opportunities not just within our industry but many others. Think about all the personalised gifts procured for incentive travel participants that are not accessible at the regular retail outlets and you will start to see the impact of our industry to others.

Even as the world embraces the success of Artificial Intelligence, human beings are still needed in providing an authentic sense of compassion and empathy for another. And it is through the intangible warmth of this energy that makes us valid. People buy from people – that hasn’t changed and it won’t be changing for centuries to come.